2021 UN Peacekeeping and democratization in conflict-affected countries (with Rob Blair, Brown University and Jessica Di Salvatore, Warwick University). Abstract. (Revise & Resubmit)

2021 Peacekeepers without helmets: How violence shapes local peacebuilding by civilian peacekeepers (with Allard Duursma, ETH Zurich). Abstract. (Under review)

2021 Greater than the sum of their parts: How cooperation between UN peacekeepers and local mediators leads to local conflict resolution (with Allard Duursma, ETH Zurich). (Under review)

2021 Many hurdles to take: Explaining peacekeepers’ ability to implement human rights activities on the ground (with Sabine Otto, Uppsala University, and Constantin Ruhe, Goethe University Frankfurt). (Under review)

2021 (UN-)protected Elections – Left for Good? Withdrawal of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations and its Effects on Violence during Electoral Periods in War-Affected Countries. (with Jana R. Kissling, University of Zurich). Abstract. (Under review)


2021 Civil Society Under Attack: A Warning Sign of the Erosion of Democratic Institutions (with Jessica Johansson und Thomas Richter, GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies). Abstract. (Under review)

2020 A Red Flag for Public Goods? The Correlates of Closing Civic Space (with Kristin Bakke and Neil Mitchell). Abstract.