2022 Peacekeepers without helmets: How violence shapes local peacebuilding by civilian peacekeepers (with Allard Duursma, ETH Zurich). Abstract. (Revise & Resubmit)

2022 Greater than the sum of their parts: How cooperation between UN peacekeepers and local mediators leads to local conflict resolution (with Allard Duursma, ETH Zurich). (In preparation, final stage)

2021 Many hurdles to take: Explaining peacekeepers’ ability to implement human rights activities on the ground (with Sabine Otto, Uppsala University, and Constantin Ruhe, Goethe University Frankfurt). (In preparation, final stage)


2021 Civil Society Under Attack: A Warning Sign of the Erosion of Democratic Institutions (with Jessica Johansson und Thomas Richter, GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies). Abstract. (In preparation, final stage)

2020 A Red Flag for Public Goods? The Correlates of Closing Civic Space (with Kristin Bakke and Neil Mitchell). Abstract. (In preparation)