Media and Materials

In the media:

SRF 10vor10. 2022. Membership of Switzerland in UN Security Council. Listen here

Deutsche Welle. 2020. Résuregence des violences interethnique en Côte d’Ivoire. Read here.

Political Violence @ A Glance. 2020. Everyday Peacekeeping in the Central African Republic. Read here.

The Washington Post. 2020. “Governments Around the World Are Restricting Rights, Using the Pandemic as Cover.” Read here.

The Washington Post. 2019. In Liberia, the U.N. mission helped restore confidence in the rule of law. Read here (mentioning of my research on UN-sponsored social cohesion initiatives in Côte d’Ivoire). 2019. Zivilgesellschaftliche Freiräume in Gefahr. Read here.


Freies Gymnasium Zürich. 2022. Internationales Konfliktmanagement und der Krieg in der Ukraine.